Thursday, October 29, 2015


1. "Speak your mind but ride a fast horse."

(I found this quote on a drink coaster at a restaurant we went to recently.  Couldn't help but have a good chuckle.)

2. "When you are courting a nice girl, an hour seems like a second.  When you sit on a red-hot cinder, a second seems like an hour.  That's relativity." 
~Albert Einstein~

(The statue is by Zhu Ming entitled Einstein the Scientist)

3. "My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them."
~Mitch Hedberg~

(Not so long ago a friend of mine told me that when her parents visited, her Dad watered all her silk plants.  My friend did not have much success with real ones, but she had some very realistic and pretty 'fake' flowers which I always admired.  Apparently so did her Dad.)

4. "If this is coffee, please bring me some tea, but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee."
~Abraham Lincoln~

(Years ago when I lived the first part of my life in England, I didn't drink coffee because my Mum bought Camp, which was a thick liquid coffee syrup in a bottle, or instant.  What was in the cafes was half milk and half coffee. I didn't care for the taste of any of it and didn't like coffee at all. When I moved to America at the age of 25 I discovered real coffee made from fresh ground beans, but didn't care for the tea very much which always seemed fruity or flavored with all kinds of herbs. When my parents visited, taking great pity on me and for their own survivial, they always packed a suitcase full of boxes of their favorite tea; great for them because they were able to take all their souvenirs back in the suitcase that was now empty of tea.  Nowadays you can get decent tea and coffee in both countries, but to be fair this is also the taste of a young girl whose palate was probably still developing.)

5. "Lead us not into temptation.  Just tell us where it is, we'll find it."
~Sam Levenson~
(No other words necessary!)


(All photos I am using today were found online at Pixabay, a royalty free source.  I also want to thank Sandra at Madsnapper for pointing me in this direction through one of her posts which you can find here; she shares a link to Pickmonkey's page of 20 free stock photo sites here.   Sandra does great creations using PickMonkey. She has a great Halloween header right now.  Thanks Sandra!)


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  1. The horse made me smile, Denise, as well as the Mitch Hedberg quote! Fun post, and I love all the photos. :)

  2. Great quotes (and images). The fifth one is particularly true here...

  3. This is a smashing post and I loved it all. I did not know about that site for free photographs so thanks for that. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. What on earth is amusing that horse so much???!!!

  5. ok you have tempted my taste buds to the nth degree... love that rose painting. and i can vouch for sitting on a red hot cinder thing. that is how my sciatic nerve feels when i sit, in fact it is on fire right now. love the HEE HAW laughter about the ride a fast horse joke. great post

  6. I remember Mom visiting the States in the 50's and desperate for a cup of tea when she got home.

  7. I love your theory of relativity quote and the silk flowers. I had a friend who watered her plant for 6 months before I was able to tell her that it wasn't an anthurium plant, but a silk flower.

  8. What a face on that horse! I love the Lincoln quote. I dislike coffee, but got into drinking tea when I was under the weather. I go for Earl Grey or Irish breakfast, with an obscene amount of sugar.

  9. I enjoyed every one of these! The first one was probably my favorite.

  10. Loved your quotes. I hope you will do that again in the future. Such fun reading. Have a great weekend.

  11. ll fun quotes! Especially the first one. Gotta find me a horse quick. ;))

  12. #1 A face that only a mother could love.
    #2 In deed!
    #3 Fake is still fake!
    #4 I'll stick with water.
    #5 Looks goooooooog!
    Corny stuff there my dear!
    PicMonkey is cool.

  13. some wonderful quotes. thanks for the laughs.

  14. Great five choices for the willy nilly Friday!

  15. Oh Denise, such an awesome post! Loved all those perfect quotes! And your developing coffee and tea story, also very fun to read! Glad there is finally good tea and coffee on both sides of the ocean!

  16. The pictures are fun, Denise, I like the statue of Albert Einstein, with the typical wild hair, and the funny quote. I don't like coffee, it always seems to leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth. The desert looks delicious.