Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Our time at Huntley Meadows always starts along a path through the woods.

It is a gorgeous day, not too hot.  This visit was back in September.

We reach the boardwalk through the marshy area of the park.  This is my favorite part of the walk as you can look on each side and see the most interesting sights.

A snapping turtle.  We have seen many of them in the park over the years, much larger than this one.

His cousins are on the other side sunning themselves.

There are lots of frogs out today, more than I have ever seen on other visits.  

We came across a strange mound of mud and later when we stopped in the visitor center, found a reconstruction of a Crayfish chimney, so we learned something new today. The small animal at the far end on the right photo below is a beaver. We didn't see any of these today. Our photo of the mound found in the park is on the left and the visitor center exhibit, also our photo, is on the right.  Click here if you are not sure what a Crayfish looks like.

In this area there is a lot of water which is teaming with life.  The dragonfly sitting on the branch overseeing all.

We saw several dragonflies this day.

We take a few moments to look at the birds but are surprised to see how little water there is out there.  

Usually geese and other water birds are swimming by.  We do see a Great Blue Heron on the left and there are always Canada Geese.

Sorry I didn't take any more bird photos but it was really hard to get any today as they were all so far away, the few that we were able to see that is.

It is always a wonderful walk at this park and we come here several times a year.  We love it in all seasons.  If you click on the label "Huntley Meadows_Alexandria" at the end of this post you will see all the others that I have done.

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